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Gain a substantial digital advantage, better express your exclusivity and the prestige of your brand

Reward the work of your artists
Simplify the work of your developers
Generate emotion in your audience
Improve the return on your digital assets

Low-resolution images do not make sense anymore!

  • 97% of the pixels you take are lost
  • 50% of your clients won’t buy on your website because they want to check the quality first

Your website is too slow because of images. Speed is a killer.

  • 60% of you website’s weight is coming from images
  • You lose 20% of your traffic every half second of delay and 1 % of sales every 100ms of delay
  • Google SEO penalizes you for your slowness

Your image workflow is too complex and not cost-effective.

  • Your developers and designers are stuck with tedious image-related tasks
  • Sharing full resolution images inside and outside your organisation is too complex
  • The overall process takes too much time and limits your execution

We got you covered. No need to redesign your website or to take new pictures.

Device Friendly

Never optimize your pictures again. We operate a cutting-edge infrastructure, so you do not have to.